Projekt  Double voices

(preparatory phase)

The name of our project "DOUBLE VOICES" arised on the basis of common decision of participating schools to cooperate in edducation of our students in the area of professional preparation in language and arts branches. The project will involved students of two secondary art schools which educate students from 15 to 19 years old, thus in the initial phase of training, who need to increase intercultural awareness and foreign language education (especially for less used EU languages). Working meetings will be realized with teachers and chosen groups of students during the project. The meetings will take place in four areas: painting, drawing, photography and creation of art object. The topic of collective creation of students´groups will be chosen so that it will take the most characteristic feature of the place of performing. The workshops will be assigned to work on these topics: Zakopane - Architecture of wood, Žilina - Man and Nature. While working in various ateliers, special events such as the common language learning Polish and Slovak language and other cultural and social activities will also run. Each of the meetings will be finished by collective exhibition and vernissage, at which pieces of work will be introduced to the other teachers, students and to the public. Contiuous communication of working school teams on the jointly created website will be one part of the project. We will also plan to realize there a collective creation of three-language dictionary (English - Poland - Slovak) focused on the proffesional Art terminology and also basic terminology. All activities will be posted on the common web-site, from which promotional DVD will also be produced.

Private High School of Arts (SSUS) in Zilina

is a private high-school providing special four-years education to puppils graduated elementary school, who are from 15 to 19 years old. SSUS operates in Zilina Region as the only one of this kind. A large number of students come from socio-economically disadvantaged counties, where is high unemployment rate and industry isn't developed very well, where the parents have to travel for work in neighboring countries. It is mainly the districts of Žilina, Čadca Bytča, Bystrica, Kysucké Nové Mesto. The school was established on 1st of September 2009 as the successor of private schools in Hodruša Hamre (, which founder is the Institute of Education and Care Ltd. (IVAS). On the SSUŠ in Zilina are taught these disciplines and focuses: promotional graphics, promotional art design, industrial design, photo design, graphic and spatial design. ( Pur school is very young, that's why we search for a partner with a rich tradition. Our future partner has more than 130 years of experience. In this project SSUS acts like a project coordinator, which includes partners from School of Art in Zakopane. Main features of cooperation have been set on the preparatory visit from 07.02.2012 to 09.02.2012 in Zakopane on the basis of contract no.11131 2004 (in Appendix 1 are documents from the workshop). In 2009, the current project team approved a project EDOVII with number SK/09/LDV/IVT/02-93210814, which was successfully completed in September 2010. (

Zespół Szkół Plastycznych im. Antoniego Kenara in Zakopane (ZSPAK http:// is united high school, which band together the 4-year Liceum Plastic and 6-year Ogólnokształcšce Szkoła Sztuki Piękna. It offers a education for elementary school graduates, who are 13-19 years old. ZSPAK operates in Malopolskieho duchy as the only school of this type with rich more than 130 years of tradition. The school was founded in 1876 in Zakopane, during the years it has passed through some transformation and in 2002 Antoni Kenar Complex of Art was formed on the base of the State Secondary Art School and the Secondary School of Fine Arts. Nowadays the school is located in a new building and has it own gallery to present achievments of students and other artists.
In the project ZSPAK acts as a participant of project, which includes partners from the School of Art in Žilina. Main features of cooperation have been set during the preparatory visit from 07.02.2012 to 09.02.2012 in Zakopane under contract no. 11131 2004. The school has experience from the project activities in LLP Socrates - Comenius from 2004 to 2008 (
), where they worked with schools in Portugal and Italy. The school has also great experience in organizing of exhibitions (
), workshops ( /auditions /) and open air ( In addition, the shool cooperates with many other schools not only in Poland, but also in EU countries, Ukraine and Belarus. (



Planning Visit

Held on 7 - 9 February 2012 on ZSPAK in Zakopane






Work on the direction of the project dealing Doble voices the Director ZSPAK Mgr. Stanisław Cukier and project manager SSUS Ing. Andrew Malik.







Very important is the establishment of project goals Doble voices, says vicedirector  ZSPAK
Mgr. Marek Król






During breaks we watched studios ZSPAK









It is important to think ahead - we were to look at areas for future exhibitions of the project in Zakopane - the local art gallery





The upper two images are a small gallery space at the bottom of the large hall.